The Difference Between PC and Mac Users [Infographic]

27 Mar

Are you a Mac or a PC?  Probably both huh?

This infographic is one of my favorites.  Why?  Because of the depth of knowledge it gives the marketer about each type of consumer.  You would think that since both products are tech based that there would be some similarities between PC and Mac users.  According to this, there aren’t any similarities.  But we know that isn’t completely true.  There is overlap in any market, especially in the PC/Mac market because of the sheer popularity of Apple devices these days.  How many people own a PC like me but also own an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod?  Many of us.  Thanks to the popularity of Apple, the lines are beginning to blur between what constitutes a PC user and an Apple user.  Previously each had very distinct lifestyles, interests, purchasing trends etc.  Not so much anymore.  Aspects of the Apple lifestyle are now being adopted by the PC user/Android/Windows phone user.

The info in this infographic will allow the marketer to know what makes each type of consumer tick and how to make a product or advertisement that will appeal to their common interests.  It will help them know which media formats will help them best connect with these consumers.


PC users vs. Mac users

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