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How to Find a Job Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn logoI recently wrote a blog post for Pacific Bridge Marketing out of Washington, D.C..  In it, I explained how to find a job through LinkedIn, one of the most powerful career networking sites available to date.  I listed over 20 ways that the site can be used for this purpose, making it what seems to be the most comprehensive resource for this specific endeavor through this particular site.

The post is broken down into 4 sections, each of which is a different way to make the site help you find a job.  They are:

  • Making Your Profile Searchable
  • Making Your Profile Engaging
  • Making the Site Work for You
  • Putting in Your Time

You can choose how much you want LinkedIn to help you in your search by how many or how few of the techniques in each section you apply.

Check it out here.

Good luck on the job hunt!


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