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5 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Your Social Media Sites

Social Media No No Man

5 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Your Social Media Sites.

This article provides great insight into common ways we as social marketers can turn off our current followers and limit the accrual of new ones.  Below are some highlights of the article:

“Spamming someone’s Facebook wall or Twitter timeline is another massive annoying habit. This includes posting links to someone’s wall or tagging them in pictures they have nothing to do with. Just throwing things like that in people’s faces is not a good way to build a relationship or network via social media.”

“Sending out mass messages could perhaps be one of the most annoying of them all.”

We as marketers may do some of the things mentioned in this article unknowingly.  In essence, social media should be used to build sustainable relationships with customers; one’s that are as personal as possible.  Ask yourself, “Would I do these things to my closest personal friends?”  If the answer is no, which it should be, then don’t do them to your Facebook fans or Twitter followers.

Social media is the best way to make friends for your brand.  To do so, basically do the opposite of the 5 no-no’s mentioned in the article and you will do well.


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